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        What We Did In '69

          Freshman Year




FRESHMAN YEAR September 1965 to June 1966


In September of 1965 we elected these fellow classmates to represent as in A.S.B.


First Semester                                                              Second Semester


President              Patty Sharpe                             Susie Peters

Vice Pres.            Mickey Company                      Diane Shigehuni

Secretary             Marcia Lehr                                Susan Kotula

Treasurer             Patti Gonoles                              Barbara Moffit

Girl’s Court         Kathy Stewart                              Gina Gustaveson

Boy’s Court                                                              Darren Vomsteeg


Our very first Homecoming at THS had us watch as Cheryl Barnett, big sister to our classmate Randy, became Homecoming Queen. The Co-Captain of the Varsity Football team was Bob Sharpe, big brother to classmate Patty. Two of the Homecoming Princesses Robin Bingham and Kathy Lynch were big sisters to our classmates Larry and Mike.


“The Miracle Worker” the drama departments presentation saw classmates Alice Liu, Holly Laird, Kathy Steward and Lucille Lafarga in the cast.


In December of 1965 Patty Sharpe represented our class as the Winter Formal Freshman Princess. The dance was held at the El Camino Student Union. Do you remember what was the goal of the Winter Formal? A canned food drive, we had 125 pounds of canned goods donated. We actually beat the sophomore Class of 1968 by 117 pounds!!


17 members of our class made the California Scholarship Federation. They were: Candy Miyamura, Sue Boulter, Debbie Jensen, Steve Ishibashi, Bill Fredericks, Jean Yamasaki, Susie Peters, Margie Coleman, Lorraine Weinstein, Karen Knoll, Chaundel Johnson, Linda Wilson, Debbie Eason, Diana Campbell, Cheryl Ladd, Janie Hines and Martha Backlund.


We watch wacky Donkey Basketball in the Boy’s Gym. It was the Fabulous Faculty vs. Boerger’s Bombers. The faculty was ready but no match for the Bombers.


Our classmate Buddy Dahlen’s family was the host family for the AFS student Ana Maria Bezerra, who was from Brazil.


Some of the clubs we joined as freshman were;


The FOLK SONG CLUB; FUTURE TEACHERS (who took a trip to USC); MANNEQUINS; LATIN, SPANISH, GERMAN AND FRENCH and GIRLS LEAGUE. Patty Sharpe was recognized by GL as Miss Freshman.



The sports are guys played were:


CEES Football was 33 classmates played on the team.


Cross County were freshman scored a total of 17 points.


In Basketball we had representatives on both the BEES and CEES teams.


19 Frosh made up the Freshman Baseball team. They had a record of 12 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie. They were coached by Harold Waffle.


          Sophomore Year


September 1966 to June 1967


Class Officers:


First Semester                                                                          Second Semester


President                      Janie Hines                                        Diane Shigekuni

Vice President                                                                          Linda Wilson

Secretary                      Barbara LeGrande                           Sandi Nourse

Treasurer                      Barbara Moffit                                    Lynette Burlew

Girls’ League                Jean Yamasaki                                 Patti Sharpe

Girl’s Court                  Alice Liu                                               Phyllis Yancy

Boy’s Court                                                                               Terry Waters


Our meeting place that year?  In front of the sophomore locker bay.


In February of 1967 we were part of a new tradition at THS, the very first Sweetheart’s Ball. This event replaced Winter Formal but was still a canned food drive. Diane Shigekuni was our Princess. The event was held at the brand new YMCA on Sepulveda Blvd.


This year we saw members of our class join the Tartar Band: Jay Montgomery, Sterling Frith, Jim Amos, Ron Berry and John Belzer.


Drill Team was the place to find: Gail Bruen, Karen Richards, Cheryl Ladd, Gail Morgan, Debbie Munnell, Linda Wilson, LuAnn Schultz, Ann Davis, Alison Kushnick, Kathy Hamlin, Cheryl Gearlings, Melody Luedoff, Jean Yamasaki, Phyllis Yancy, Karen Knoll, Lucille LaFarga, Bonnie Frisman, Candy Miyamura, Diana Rendleman, Debbie Jenson and Gail Myers.


Tartar Choir: Nora Turrentine, Rosie and Pattie Fagnano, Ann Davis, Linda Burge, Debbie Whitaker, Gail Bruen, Margie Coleman, Linda Valdivia, Debbie Munnell and Pat Lucarelli,.


Girl’s Glee: Marilyn Witz, Cindi Cox, Janay Lampel, Judy Samuelson and Fran Foster.


California Scholarship Federation: Chaundel Johnson, Jean Yamasaki, Diana Rendleman, Candy Miyamura, Margie Coleman, Debbie Eason, Belinda Boulter, Gina Gustaveson, Janie Hines, Cheryl Ladd, Linda Wilson, Steve Ishibashi, Lynn Sievers, Martha Backlund, Barbara Moffit, Susie Peters, Teri Alexander, Gary Bashor, Ken Brown, Beverly Derryberry, Patti Fornelli, Cathy Franklin, Bill Fredericks, John Hull, Karen Knoll, Craig Preston, Martha Rabel, Tom Somers and Lorraine Weinstein.


The 16th Annual One-Act Play Festival had classmate Cheryl McKim, our own class actress, staring as Elisha in “Boy, is she my mother”


Our class was represented by Ken Brown, Janie Hines, Barbara LeGrande and Lorraine Weinstein on the school newspaper, Torrance News Torch.


Girls’ League made Linda Wilson Miss Sophomore.




The guys were still into:


Cross County, CEE and BEE Football, J.V. and BEE Basketball, Wrestling*, Tennis, J.V. Baseball and Track.

Rocky Chavez won the following Individual Awards

In the 98lbs section:

1st Torrance Tournament; 1st Dominguez Tournament; 3rd Hawthorne Takedown Tournament; 3rd Sky League; 3rd CIF Sectionals and 1st Morningside AAU Tournament.

Dave Starr won the following Individual Award

In the 106lbs section:

1st Sky League Tournament



            Junior Year



September 1967 to June 1968


Class Officers;


First Semester                                                                          Second Semester


President                      Tom Somers                                     Rocky Chavez

Vice President              Mike McGuire                                               Linda Wilson

Secretary                      Patty Sharp                                       Dawn Russell

Treasurer                      Claudia Pederson                                  LuAnn Schultz

Girl’s League                Diane Shigekuni                                  Diane Shigekuni

Girl’s Court                  Lucille LaFarga                                   Phyllis Yancy

Boy’s Court                 Gary Bashor                                    



We received our official class rings.


Class members who made Pep Squad: Cheerleaders Linda Wilson, Phyllis Yancy and Diane Skigekuni and Flag Twirler Georgia Potter.


Karen Knoll was a Majorette with the THS Marching Band. Sterling Firth, Wayne Ashlock, John Belzer and Jay Montgomery were members of the band.


Drill Team: Gail Myers, Lucille LaFarga, Bonnie Frisman, Cheryl McKim, Teri Alexander, Alison Kushnick, Melody Luedloff, Kathy Hamlin, Karen Richards, Debby Jensen, LuAnn Schultz, Ann Davis, Gail Morgan and Gail Bruen.


1968 Sweetheart’s Ball saw our class as the winner of the canned food drive and therefore, Linda Wilson reigned as Queen.


The Torrance News Torch saw Martha Rabel, Barbara Moffit, Craig Preston, and Ken Brown representing our class.


17th Annual One-Act Play Festival saw Cheryl McKim star in her sister Karen’s (1970) play “The Anniversary Toast”.


Troubadours included Rose Fagnano, Pat Fagnano and Margie Coleman.


Finally as juniors we were able to be Tartar Ladies and Tartar Knights.


TL’s: Martha Backlund, Debby Eason, Kathy Hamlin, Janie Hines, Chaundel Johnson, Karen Knoll, Cheryl Ladd, Barbara LeGrande, Alice Liu, Melody Luedloff, Candy Miyamura, Barbara Moffit, Trudee Peterson, Georgia Potter, Martha Rabel, Linda Wilson and Jean Yamaskaki.


TK’s: Jay Barker, Randy Barnett, Gary Bashor, John Belzer, Kim Brooks, Ken Brown, Dave Cook, Buddy Dahlen, Glen Dehn, Sterling Frith, John Hull, Jim Incorvia, Steve Ishibashi, Jerry Jones, Kenny Kane, Wally Lott, Mike McGuire, Kevin McNally, Jay Montgomery, Ron Ogle, Steve Petrat, Tom Somers, David Striebich, Brian Strobridge, Darren VomSteeg, Terry Waters and Steve Wright.


California Scholarship Federation: saw the addition of Steve Wright, Neal Campbell, Jeri Cook, Charles Deise, Eileen Douglas, Mary Hauk, Maureen Kelly, Wally Lott, Kevin McNally, Ron Ogle, Steve Petrat, David Surber and Suzanne Wood. All the other representatives from our freshman and sophomore classes were there also.


Girl’s League named Linda Wilson as Miss Junior.


Peggy Brown was the sole Class of 1969 member on the Torch staff.


On March 22, 1968 the Harlem Travelers played a game against a combined Tartar team of faculty, alumni and varsity basketball players. The Travelers won.




Sports that the guy loved:


Cross Country that saw Tom Somers, Jeff Blydenburgh and Tim Sosa have a stand out season.

Football had class members on BEEs and Varsity squads. Voted outstanding juniors on the Varsity team were: Mike McGuire, Kim Brooks, Bob Fernley, Randy Barnett, Wayne Peterson, Craig Timms, Greg Waters and Terry Waters.


Varsity Basketball had Bill Souza, Greg Jasper, Jim Fox and Bruce Baker on the team. Of course, the JV team had Mike McGuire, Ron Ogle, Bill Fredericks, Dave Cook, Wayne Boyd, Jerry Adams, Buddy Dahlen and Steve Sears.


Wrestling showed off Dave Starr and Rocky Chavez. Other 1969ers were Jay Barker, Dirk Gartrelle, Sam Fullerton and Glen Dehn.


Tennis had Chuck Deise, Ron Ogle and Dave Cook on the Varsity Team. Kenny Kane, Neal Campbell and Alan Hawley played on the JV team.


Baseball saw Mike McGuire, Pat Lucarelli, Jerry Adams, Terry Waters, Randy Bishop and Bob Fernley make the Varsity Team.


Track and Field highlighted the talents of: Buddy Dahlen, Jeff Blyenberg, Tom Somers, Bob Hester, Greg Jasper and Tim Sosa.



          SENIOR YEAR



September 12, 1968 to June 11, 1969


It is official we are now the greatest class ever at Torrance High and our senior year will be awesome!!

While we had fun in the sun, classmate Barbara Moffit did the American Field Services road trip all the way to Philippines. She lived with a host family, much like the students THS hosts each school year from countries around the world. While there she ate duck embryo and spoke Tagalog but longed to be back in the U.S. eating hamburgers and hearing good old English.

We come back from summer to find a part of our beloved high school gone, for good. During the summer work crews have torn out the upper campus tennis courts, the old girl’s gym and the workshop. Plus they took some of the pine trees. All to make way for a new Main Library and English Building that was to be finished before we left THS. But that was not correct.

We entered our senior year with 24 new teachers at THS. A few were ones we had: John Radcliffe, boys PE; Jessica Romeo, girls PE; Patricia O’Neill, girls PE; Ronald Tull, boys PE; Carl Strong World Geography and General Math, those who went to Madrona Elementary were very happy to see Mr. Strong back with us.

Tom Somers lead the ASB as President and saw a freshman class (1972) enter THS with 700 students, the largest class ever at THS. Class of 1971 came in with 611. Ken Brown and Barbara Moffit were the Co- Editors of the TNT. In the first edition of the TNT Dr. Carl Ahee, the principal, requested that the students of THS speak up during the construction so the administration could improve the school for the students. They set up a suggestion box in the Activities Office for any student to leave their ideas.

September 20 was the Howdy Dance in the Boys Gym sponsored by the Varsity Club. The dance was the first of the year and was right after the first home football game.

October 2nd was Back to School Night.

October 11th the senior class starts voting for the Top 15 girls for Homecoming.

CSF officers for the fall semester are: Jean Yamasaki as President, Candy Miyamura as Vice President, Chaundel Johnson as Secretary, Janie Hines as Treasurer and Barbara Moffit as Historian.

THS’s Band and Drill Team received a trophy for participation at the LA County Fair in Pomona on September 21.

David Starr is named Mr. Ugly. David collected $19.02 to win the title. This title comes from the Varsity Football Team.

TOP 15 Homecoming Girls: Trudee Peterson, Barbara Moffit, Marilyn Denler, Barbra LeGrande, Janie Hines Carmen Reicaurte, Diane Shigekuni, Linda Wilson, Phyllis Yancy, Patty Sharp, LuAnn Schultz, Sandy Nourse, Marcia Wark, Claudia Pederson, Annette Villar and honorary “16”th member of TOP 15 is AFS student Amata Naramarat.

November 8th, 1968 HOMECOMING. Varsity Football plays against Palos Verdes High.

Linda Wilson will be crowned Queen by 1967 Homecoming Queen Cara Armstrong. The princesses are Diane Shigekuni, Barbara Moffit, Patty Sharp, Phyllis Yancy and Honorary Princess Amata Navamarat. The Homecoming Dance will be held at the Torrance Recreation Center with the theme of “Tonight” with the colors of black, silver and white.

Sadly, the night of Homecoming a fire in the Boy’s Gym took place. There was a car accident out on Plaza del Amo and some flares were left on the roadway. Someone blew at least one flare up onto the roof of the gym and a fire started. While one person of interest was taken into custody, after passing a lie detector test, that person was let go and the case was closed by Torrance Police Department. Rumor was that students from the losing team were the ones who started the fire. That was never proven. So the whole basketball season had to be played at North Torrance High School and Pep Rally were held outside, weather permitting.


Class Officers for our senior year are:



First semester                                                                           Second semester


President                      Kevin McNally                                   LuAnn Schultz

Vice President              LuAnn Schultz                                 Annette Villar

Secretary                      Carmen Ricaurte                               same

Treasurer                      Annette Villar                                     Diane Shigekuni

Girl’s Court Rep.          Phyllis Yancy                                      same

Boy’s Court Rep.          Tom Somers                                     John Roberts

Girl’s League Rep.      Lynette Burlew                                  Bonnie Frisman



ASB Leaders:


First semester                                                                           Second semester


President                                       Tom Somers                         Kim Brooks

Corresponding Secretary            Barbara LeGrande                  same

Commissioner of Records            Teri Borrelli                             same

Commissioner of Finance            Margie Peterson                    same

Commissioner of Activities            Mimi Steed                           same

Commissioner of Group Control     Patty Sharp                         Bart Lynn    

Commissioner of Pep                       Linda Wilson                    Joan Smiley

Commissioner of Publicity            Diane Shigekuni                 Leah Shirejian          

Girl’s League President                  Pam Batovsky                      same

Judge Student Court                         Terry Waters                         same

TNT Editor(s)                          Barbara Moffit and Ken Brown

Tartar Lady Queen                         Janie Hines                            same

Tartar Knight Captain                        John Hull                              Kevin McNally

Commissioner of Athletics            Rocky Chavez                         Steve Sears





Girl’s League Recognition Day


Miss All Round                                                 Linda Wilson

Miss Homemaker                                         Linda Rupe

Miss Comedian                                                Caressa Cortner

Miss Friendship                                                Patty Sharpe

Miss Journalism                                                Barbara Moffit

Miss Service                                                     Janie Hines

Miss Sportsmanship                                      Fran Foster

Miss Congenial                                              Barbara LeGrande

Miss Politician                                                 LuAnn Schultz

Mr. Casanova                                                  Ken Brown

Miss Art                                                           Chaundel Johnson

Miss Phi Beta Kappa                                      Debbie Eason

Miss Fashion                                                    Simi Beth Hollis

Miss Music                                                       Patty Fagnano

Miss Talkative                                                  Kim Okigaki

Miss Spirit                                                        Diane Shigekuni

Miss Thespian                                                  Cheryl McKim

Miss Personality                                                Phyllis Yancy



Class Picks:


Friendliest:                                Steve Sears and Diane Shigekuni

Best Dressed:                           Mike McGuire and Simi Beth Hollis

Most Spirited:                           Kevin McNally and Linda Wilson

Most Likely to Succeed:            Tom Somers and Barbara Moffit

Comedians:                              Kim Brooks and Sandy Nourse

Contributed most

 To school:                               Tom Somers and Luann Schultz

Best Looking:                           Dave Starr and Marcia Wark

Thespians:                                Gary Bashor, Cheryl McKim and Jean Yamaskaki

Musicians:                                John Belzer, Larry Young and Jennifer Scott

Best Athletes:                           Mike McGuire and Fran Foster

Artists:                                      David Nazarian, Chaundel Johnson and Debbie Eason

Most Talkative:                         Barry Borum and Alice Liu



Prom Court:

King Tom Somers                         Queen Linda Wilson

Prince Kevin McNally                       Princess Janie Hines

Prince Kim Brooks                         Princess Diane Shigekuni

Prince Terry Waters                         Princess Patty Sharp

Prince Dave Starr                             Princess Luann Schultz

Prom was held at the Proud Bird, next to LAX in May of 1969.


February of 1969 saw the TNT host the very first ever multi-media conference with Principal Dr. Carl Ahee. It make front page news on the TNT. Questions posed to Dr. Ahee included: issues on an open campus, revised bell schedule, campus minority relations, boy’s gym reconstruction* and a surf team. *The boy’s gym had been set on fire the night of Homecoming.


Top Athletes of 1969


Tom Somers won the Lee Soloman award which is awarded to the varsity athlete with the highest grade point average.

Blanket Award winners were:


Terry Waters                                                    Football

Jeff Blydenburg                                           Cross County

Dave Starr and Rocky Chavez                     Wrestling

Bruce Baker                                                     Basketball

Bob Fernly                                                       Baseball


Athlete of the Year went to Terry Waters for his years with football and baseball.


The evening was filled with praise for the above athletes but it was Coach Will Boerger who took 45 minutes to address the group before Bruce Baker was awarded his award. Wonder what Boerger could on and on about for 45 minutes, oh yeah, right it is Boerger, lucky for everyone is was only 45 minutes!!!


Spring of 1969 brought talk about a change in the school’s dress code. It would come too late for us but the classes after us enjoyed a relaxed dress code that included capris for the girls only on rainy days, how did that get pass Dr. Ahee? Sideburns, moustaches and long hair on the guys were allowed.


Class of 1969’s Valedictorian was Debbie Eason with a compiled 4.0 cumulative grade point average.


Senior wills highlights:


Barbara Anderson: I will my hall locker that doesn’t work to anyone dumb enough to take it.


Dave Baker: I will my old guitar and my champ amp to Dave Pack (THS 1970).


Lee Bowman: I will not will anyone anything.


Tom Braddock: I will THS to the freshman. I ain’t going through it again.


Mike Brubaker: I will all my sweat gear from wrestling to anyone who is stupid enough to take it.


Margie Coleman: I will exactly nothing to Torrance High because that’s exactly what I’ve gotten-nothing.


Steve Cook: My embronzed gym tennis to sit in the trophy case for admiration.


Doug Crawford: …all my love to Cheryl. (They are still married!!)


Greg Chambers: To Doctor Ahee, the hair from my sideburns he made me trim.


Rick Davis: To Mrs. Wright: one “Humphrey’s the one” bumper sticker.


Keith Dugger: To heck with you people, I’m taking it with me.


Diane Friberg: I will Mr. Armstrong another 6th period like he had this year. Nothing can beat the Class of ’69.


Alan Huggins: My Tarzan call to any ape that can handle it and a bottle of Vitamin E to Mr. Fujanick.


Wane Johnson: I will my broken mail cart to anyone who promises to drive it over a cliff in “PV”.


Alison Kushnick: I will to all new freshmen the opportunity to meet new people and to make lifelong friends. To all the new seniors another year of mud, construction and noise and to all my friends the best of luck and happiness in the future.


Janet Love: I will the meaning on my name to everyone at THS who wants it.


Anata Navamarat: I’ll leave behind all my stuff that cannot be carried back to Thailand. Anybody interested can contact me, anytime.



Kim Okizaki: To all the teachers and students who helped me in English: THANK YOU



Jan Poser: I will my next door neighbor a hand autographed copy of my government paper.


Wayne Peterson: I will my lucky football socks to anyone man enough to wear them.


Dennis Purcell: Nobody is to benefit from my gains, all my worldly possessions are to be destroyed.


Craig Timms: I will my forging ability to the freshman class and all those legal ditched days in the last four years.


Jimmy Willmeth: Joy to the World.



Senior Calendar…count down to graduation 1969


Friday June 6th             Baccalaureate and Senior Awards program rehearsal.

Saturday, June 8th                    Baccalaureate at El Camino College Auditorium

                                                Followed by PTA tea.

Monday, June 9th                   Senior Brunch at the YWCA

Tuesday, June 10th                 Commencement rehearsal

                                                Senior Luncheon at Hacienda Restaurant-formal dress

                                                Including hats for the girls.

Wednesday, June11th                       COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES followed by

                                                ALL NIGHT PARTY AT DISNEYLAND


Friday, June 13th                  FREEDOM DAY-PICK UP DIPLOMAS.