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Happenings of '69



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Gone, But Not Forgotten



What We Did In '69







Welcome to the Torrance High Class of 1969




Take a walk down memory lane...


                            Favorite Lunch Hangout                  


Remember wearing this button Senior Year?

"The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly"

"Beauty's only skin deep."


"Ask me if I really care."



Artists: Chaundel Johnson

             David Nazarian

             Debbie Eason

Athletes: Mike McGuire and Francine Foster

Best Dressed: Simie Hollis

                          Mike McGuire

Funniest: Sandi Nourse and Kim Brooks

Talkative: Barry Borum and Alice Liu


Thespians: Jean Yamasaki

                    Gary Bashar

                    Cheryl McKim

Most likely to succeed: Tim Somers and Barbara Moffitt

Contributed most to the school: Lu Ann Schultz

                                                       Tom Somers

Friendliest: Steve Sears

                    Diane Shigekuni


Musicians: John Belzer, Jennifer Scott and Larry Young